Old Westbury is a village located within New York and regarded as the second richest town in the United States and the wealthiest suburb in New York. It has been home to some of the America’s richest families and also serves as a home to many businessmen, athletes, industrialists, and collectors. Because of the beauty and tranquility of the area, it is not surprising to know that real estate is seeing better days here.

What makes an area ideal for those who are looking to buy properties? Here are several factors:


(1) Amenities


old westbury real estateThe more amenities a town has, the better it is to live in. These amenities include grocery stores, shopping establishments, schools, parks, and libraries. Although Old Westbury does not have any grocery stores, public transit, fitness centers, and cafés within a mile from the center, there are 3 shopping centers, 15 schools, 2 libraries, and a public park which are already good enough for people who prefer living in a suburban area.


(2) Cost of Living


One of the reasons why Old Westbury is regarded as the second richest town in America is because of the high cost of living in it, which is greater than the New York average by a whopping 389.9%. In comparison to that of New York’s prices, it was surveyed that the cost of gas, coffee, and pizza are more than 10% higher.


(3) Crime


A good reason why Old Westbury is a good place to live in is because of its low crime rate. Crime indices show that New York holds a 61% crime rate greater than that of Old Westbury. Violent crimes are lower than the whole of New York by 100% and property crimes are 58% lower in Old Westbury.


(4) Employment


A place is hardly livable if there is not enough employment in the area. In Old Westbury, the income per capita was recorded to be greater by 150.6% than the New York average.


(5) Housing


Value for homes in Old Westbury is greater by 211.1%. However, the prices of homes are naturally greater than the New York average by about 613.7%. Although investing in Old Westbury real estate is no cheap deal, potential buyers would be able to make sure that the properties they buy are proven to be of great value.


(6) Education


Old Westbury houses 2 public schools, 2 private schools, 2 post-secondary schools, and 2 universities and colleges.


Buying Old Westbury real estate can be either good or bad for your finances depending on the people with whom you will do business. This is why you should never go wrong in choosing the right real estate company. However, once you are able to get a good property, you will find living in Old Westbury enjoyable and peaceful.


A movable cubicle is a mobile storage container that has been modified by builders and architects to protect shipped materials. These materials can be transported across the sea or the land to reach their final destination.


People don't need to buy a new movable cubicle to transport, handle, and stock their goods. Here are 8 steps on how to buy a used one for a cheap price.


Step # 1: Determine how long the movable cubicle should be used.

Renting a used cubicle should be done if people plan to use it for storing materials for several months. This will prevent them from selling it or disposing it when they are finished. Buying a used cubicle is best if people will use it for many years.


Step # 2: Determine which kind of cubicle should be used.

Movable CubicleA cubicle typically comes in four different sizes. The first one is 20-feet long, the second is 45-feet long, the third one is 10-feet long, and the fourth one is 40-feet long. The 20-feet cubicle is the cheapest and the 45-feet cubicle is the most expensive.


A 20-feet cubicle has an interior dimensions of 5.71 meters length, 2.35 meters width, and 2.38 meters height. A 45-feet cubicle has an interior dimensions of 2.70 meters height, 13.56 meters length, and 2.35 meters width. A 10-feet cubicle has a width of 2.3 meters, a length of 2.8 meters, and a height of 2.3 meters as its interior dimensions. A 40-feet cubicle has a length of 12 meters, a width of 2.35 meters, and a height of 2.38 meters.


The universal grading system for used cubicles are "cargo-worthy", "one trip", "wind and water tight", and "as is". Cargo-worthy cubicles can withstand shipping items overseas during harsh weather. One trip cubicles are sold quickly after they were constructed in China. Wind and water tight cubicles look like cargo-worthy cubicles, but they aren't inspected yet. As is cubicles are susceptible to damage or leakage.


Step # 3: Search for used cubicles online.

People should type "movable cubicles for sale" into a Google search engine. The result should show local resellers, nationwide dealers, or eBay sellers who sell those things. They usually sell used cubicles at around $1,500 to $8,000.


Step # 4: Inquire about used cubicles from nearby shipping companies.

Contacting 2 to 10 nearby shipping companies can help people save transportation fees. They will be given the opportunity to inspect the containers before making a decision.


Step # 5: Compare the costs and conditions between available options.

A 40-feet used cubicles typically costs around $25,000 to $5,5000. A 10-feet cubicle usually costs around $1,000 to $2,000. A 20-feet cubicle generally costs around $1,750 to $4,500. A 45-feet cubicle commonly costs around . People should be entitled to discounts if they will buy multiple used cubicles or rent used cubicles for a long time.


Step # 6: Have the movable cubicle be inspected.

People can hire a IICL (Institute of International Container Lessors) inspector to inspect the used cubicle. An inspector near the shipping cubicle sale location can be searched online. People can opt to do the inspection themselves if they want to.


The cubicle should be free of bad odors, corrosions, dents, and too much scrapes. The cubicle's doors should completely close as well.


Step # 7: Contact the owner of the place where the cubicle will be placed.

Some countries and cities have restrictions when it comes to placing containers on some places. The area should be double the length of the container with additional 10 feet.


Step # 8: Buy a cubicle.

A cashier's card or a credit check should be presented to purchase the used cubicle Convenient transporting of the cubicle to the first destination should be arranged after that.


People can use these 8 steps to buying a used movable cubicle.

Company Custom Coins

Jan 21, 2015

Picture this: You are a member of your company’s marketing or human resources department and the CEO calls you in to discuss his/her solution to boosting the team’s morale. He or she then proceeds to tell you of his plan to take a leaf out of the military’s book by using custom coins as a symbol of appreciation, parallel to how commanding officers used challenge coins to celebrate a soldier’s achievements. You now find yourself with the responsibility of having coins specially minted, and since this is your first time being given this specific task, you have no idea how to start. This article aims to help you go from amateur to expert when it comes to dealing with these coins of recognition.

custom coinsBegin with your organization. This means that you need to keep in mind that these coins will not only serve as mementos of an employee’s exemplary performance, but also as keepsakes that will be part of the company’s history. Think of it this way, every content you need to put on these custom coins can be found inside the walls of your company. Start with the insignia, the go-to design for having coins customized for an organization is the company logo. Now, if you and your design team are feeling more creative, have your graphic designer come up with a new symbol, of course, with the approval of the company president. Once you have your main emblem design, you can also opt to put your company’s slogan as part of your custom coin; after all, it is your company’s branding in one short, sweet sentence. But if your organization’s tagline is more than one sentence, leave it out and think of other ways you can fully incorporate your brand in that small coin.

If you think these custom coins are easy to plan and produce, you thought wrong. When you are done perfecting the content you will be putting on the coin, you still have other essential elements to consider. From the coin’s theme, style and color to its material and cut, all these fundamentals are important in making sure the coins will reflect your company impeccably while still bearing uniqueness and symbolism.

There are many ways you can play around with your coins customization but if it is your first time, the best thing to do is consult the experts – the manufacturers. Businesses that specialize in custom coins can provide you with samples that show the many possible ways you can customize your coin. Check out their options when it comes to metal styles, edge cuts, 3D design, cutouts, thickness and shapes; from there, you can just give them your chosen specifications as well as the final design.

The planning and design process of these custom coins is the difficult part; so once you are done with those, everything will be a breeze, given, of course, that you find a reliable supplier.

This is the easy part, actually, since most customized coin manufacturers offer free quotations. They would even gladly show you some of their samples so you can see the quality of their work before you go and trust them with your custom coin needs. There’s no need to worry about the cost, too, because these coins are not that expensive, especially if you buy them in bulk. It would actually be wiser to buy it in huge quantities because aside from distributing them to company employees, you can also utilize these coins as a marketing or promotional tool. Give them out to valued clients or make them a prize for a promo or contest you are holding.